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Leaders' reactions to the Accord final report

Live from the foyer of the UA Solutions Summit in Canberra, this special episode shares immediate reactions from the nation’s leaders about what is in the final report of the Accord. Hear reactions from Vice Chancellors Deb Terry, Renee Leon, Chris Moran, Clare Pollock, Simon Biggs, Theo Farrell, and Alex Zelinsky from UQ, CSU, UNE, WSU, JCU, La Trobe and Newcastle.

And hear views from other sector leaders including Luke Sheehy CEO of UA, its former chair John Dewar, commentator Andrew Norton, and sector experts Nicola Kresp, Ben Hallett, Nadine Zacharias, and Ant Bagshaw from OES, Vygo, Equity by Design and L.E.K. Consulting in a comprehensive download of instand reactions within two days of the report’s release live from Canberra.

There will be many reactions shared over the days and weeks ahead but this is the first and most comprehensive overview of what the sector thinks of the Accord.