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Professor Michael Crow

President Michael Crow approaches 20 years as President of ASU ranked as the most innovative US university for seven years running. He shares a clear message of the need for distinction and differentiation and of ASU’s mission to democratise higher education for the world. He measures the ASU strategy by the students they include and building pathways for all to succeed. Their technology-enabled strategy is breaking the mould of global higher education. When will others follow? The biggest risk might be in not doing so.

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Professor Patricia Davidson

Vice Chancellor of Wollongong University, Patricia Davidson joins HEDx to outline the compassionate approach to leadership she has brought to her first 90 days. She outlines the challenges she perceives for the sector, its staff and its students. As she prepares the new strategy for Wollongong she celebrates the people, the community and the history. She sees genuine opportunities for universities to differentiate through digital disruption and with how technology and empathy for people can allow new expectations to be met by a sector whose time she sees as full of opportunity.

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