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“It's time to stop talking about change, let’s make it happen”

Martin Betts as CEO, working with global leaders in higher education, together allow HEDx to deliver strategic content, events, publications and advisory services. This allows executives of universities and other higher education institutions, and the services and technology companies that support them, to shape new business models, steer innovation and improve student, staff and stakeholder experiences.

HEDx is a higher education-specific engagement and advisory firm that supports leaders and organisations in solving critical strategy, reputation and culture challenges. We’ve taken great pride in working in partnership with global leaders and universities and the sector as a whole.

Our success is built on the success of our clients and partners and we have remained vigilant over the past 3 years in both assessing sector needs and developing sector solutions. From our globally-leading podcast series and global live events through to bespoke leader and executive advisory services, HEDx has found a home in changing higher education for good.

HEDx applies proven best-practice culture, reputation-shaping and transformation solutions to cement the future positions and turnaround strategies of higher education providers into the next decade and beyond.

Professor Martin Betts has more than 40 years of experience in academic and senior leadership roles in universities in Australia and around the world. He has now built on this sector expertise to create deep relationship with university and sector leaders around the globe and a trusted relationship with all in the sector whilst challenging it to, and helping it embrace change.

As Deputy Vice Chancellor of Engagement at Queensland’s Griffith University from 2014 to 2020, he developed the first comprehensive engagement plan by an Australian university, leading award-winning engagement with corporate partners in multiple sectors, including the largest public engagement ever by an Australian university at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Prior to this role, Professor Betts spent a decade at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) acting as Dean of the University’s largest Faculty across the disciplines of Science, Engineering, IT, Design and the Built Environment. He has also held roles in Universities in Asia and the United Kingdom.

Working with

Conferences and Events

HEDx conferences and events explore and challenge current policy, economic and social context and university culture. The HEDx team sources leading local and international talent, before curating and facilitating a meaningful and practical dialogue aimed at shifting and shaping university strategy, culture and student experience.

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