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Back to the Future: Opinion

The increase in tree and sea changes, the move to the regions, and the retro movement and growth of local communities, are all major drivers for universities right now. I hear an increasing number of vice chancellors talk about 2021 being a year of forging stronger links with their internal and external communities and giving greater credence to local context. 

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Sharpening Works, to a Point

Sharpening works for some tools but not for others. The phrase that if “all you have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail” is often used to encourage us to recognise multiple tools are needed to get complex, diverse and unpredictable jobs done.  

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Standing out from the Pack

The 39 Australian universities operating through 2020 have had a year unlike any other, however long each of them has operated, and whatever their origins have been. Their students, staff, leaders, and partners have never encountered anything quite like this.

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