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‘The New Leadership Agenda’: Campus Review Podcast

Australia’s universities faced insurmountable challenges over the past two years.

A new book, The New Leadership Agenda Pandemic Perspectives from Global Universities, spoke more than 50 university leaders about the different challenges they faced during the pandemic.

“Some universities thrived and flourished as they were preparing for an online move already, but others had a very poor state of preparation and were heroic in their efforts to provide online learning in a fortnight,” book author Griffith University emeritus professor and HEDx co-founder Martin Betts said.

Professor Betts said the upcoming Universities Accord is a “fantastic opportunity” for universities to collaborate and learn from each other.

“The priority for next year is to change our collective attitude and finding how we can work together to demonstrate the benefit of the sector rather than promoting its own individual institution,” the said.

Professor Betts joined Campus Review to discuss the strategies that were put forward by university leaders during the pandemic.

First published in Campus Review on 7th December 2022 by Emilie Lauer