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Author: Martin Betts
Publication date:
21 February 2024
Format: Paperback
Pages: 312pp

Changing Higher Education for Good

Martin Betts

This book sets out an agenda for how global higher education can embrace change. It makes the case and shows the way for how innovation and technology, as part of strategies in new policy contexts, can deliver transformed equity outcomes for global learners.

The book arises from interviews with 50 leaders of universities, employers, technology companies and of policy bodies leading global higher education. It draws on inputs from Australia, the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Japan and New Zealand. These leaders participated in interviews as part of the leading podcast for the global higher education sector called The Higher Education Experience. Some of their interviews have been transcribed in an appendix to the book but all have co-authored sections that outline their ideas about transformation of the sector within five inter-related themes.

These five themes concern the goal of a more equitable approach to democratised access to learning. They extend to how innovation and technology can be used by learning providers to achieve greater equity. They build into how strategies can be shaped to embrace these approaches to innovation and technology. And they culminate in views of how policy can be framed to allow those strategies to thrive both in how governments provide frameworks for providers and in how the collective actions of providers approach competition and collaboration.


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