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Rick Shangraw

CEO of ASU startup Cantina, Rick Shangraw Rick Shangraw, describes how their success story is founded on using enterprise to allow inclusive access to excellent education and research that serves end user purpose and communities.

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What does higher education learning at scale look like?

We have seen sustained, rapid and substantial growth in rates of participation in global higher education and correspondingly in the size of university providers over the last 20 years.
This has largely been to serve expansion in local domestic markets and parallel developments of international education. The global model of a university has been built over 1000 years and started with a focus on being elite, small scale and research-intensive centres of excellence.

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Betty Vandenbosch

Chief Content Officer of Coursera, Betty Vandenbosch joins the HEDx podcast to outline her vision of how the landscape of global higher education will have changed by 2030 and what Coursera and global universities can best do to prepare for that vision.

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