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Do employers care where your degree is from? – Episode 19


In this week’s HEDx podcast, Karl and Martin are joined by Lloyd Lazaro of The Executive Chair. They explore how search consultants are seeing how leaders are selected and what it means for graduate recruitment. They believe that most employers can not distinguish between graduates from different universities and that they have no preferred source of which graduates to hire.

The episode explores the increasing importance of soft social skills in job readiness and the challenge of how universities can prepare graduates for this in a post-covid student experience. The episode shines a light on the opportunity for a first mover university to build a brand reputation from a differentiated strategy around graduate employability. It would require relentless focus on this point of differentiation and creating a culture that allowed the student experience to allow these skills to be developed. Such a transformation would be a bold move for a university seeking to stand apart and would need skill in creating, developing and implementing.



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