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Engaging staff and students through trusted reputations

Many global universities have long held positions as being institutions with a reputation. When surveys are made of which professions we trust and believe in, scientists and professors usually feature toward the top of any lists, and politicians, as an example, feature towards the bottom. The pandemic has added to this variety of reputations in some ways.

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A strategy for innovation based on a culture driven by values

Having a new strategy coming into 2020, based on the values of its people, would have served a university community well. We all needed a true north to navigate the turbulence of a pandemic. Having an unclear strategy, and poor engagement of staff, may have left leaders and their staff drifting and directionless by contrast.

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What matters in the great readjustment ahead?

Despite the further uncertainty arising this week from the latest Omicron variant, there is still some prospect of domestic and international students returning to Australian campuses in 2022, allowing us, to some extent, to catch up with other parts of the world.

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