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Professor Eric Knight

Professor Eric Knight, Executive Dean of the Macquarie Business School, shares why and how they worked with Mandala partners to measure how they and other universities perform in helping equity groups gain employment from business education. Applying research expertise and new data, it demonstrates an appropriate alternative to university rankings in informing student choice, benchmarking performance and learning how to improve in measures at the heart of forthcoming policy change.

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Adrian Barnett and Elizabeth Gadd

Professor Adrian Barnett of QUT and Dr Elizabeth Gadd of Loughborough University join the podcast to share their expertise in research assessment and university rankings in arguing for universities to differentiate and promote themselves as more than a meaningless rank. Listen for an unambiguous and authoritative despatching of the worthlessness of university rankings and how they are a barrier to changing higher education for good.

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A university is more than its rank

We would call for the sector to reimagine new forms of university assessment that are independent, robust, and reliable. The power to redefine the future of higher education lies with those who recognise that rankings should not drive decisions; rather, they should be just a reflection of a university’s character and impact.

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