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Culture, Collaboration and Communication

HEDx delivers a blueprint for university recovery and cultural stability.  This includes programs focused on organisational optimisation for the medium term, involving staff performance, student recruitment and retention, and new sustainable and profitable revenue-generating opportunities. The HEDx blueprint is designed to capture the opportunity to create outstanding higher education experiences at a time of competitive, disruptive sector change.

HEDx supports universities and other providers in the sector throughout the strategy evolution process. We provide quarterly insights into perception shifts (SSA and SEA) while engaging with senior leaders and the broader organisation to ensure all strategy evolution initiatives are deployed effectively and all challenges and issues addressed in line with immediate and longer term objectives.

In practice, we design, develop, facilitate and engineer the steps and actions required to evolve higher education organisations, enabling optimal operational performance and transformed competitive positioning.

Transformation Governance Support

Culture Change Planning

Strategy Feasibility Testing

Communication Advisory

Leadership Collaboration Facilitation

Reputation Strategy & Governance