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Livestream | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

HEDx Live Melbourne is a live panel discussion, hosted by HEDx founders Emeritus Professor Martin Betts & Karl Treacher (CEO of The Culture Institute), focused on gender equity and inclusion in the Australian higher education sector. This is a powerful opportunity to be part of an important conversation and change for the sector.

The event is on Wednesday 15th June, 2:30pm AEST.

We’ve created a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through the process.

1. Vimeo

This livestream event is hosted through VIMEO via the HEDx website. Please visit the session link below to make sure you can access this webpage ahead of the event.

If you would like to contribute to the Q&A/chat then you will need to click on ‘agree’ to the Vimeo Terms of Services in the chat window.

2. How do I view the sessions?

To access HEDx Live: Beating the Odds visit: 


  • If the event doesn’t start at the designated time, the player may not be set to autoplay. Try manually clicking on ‘play’ in the player to start the session.
  • A refresh of the browser window may also correct any issues with the session playing as expected.
  • If you can’t hear any sound, ensure that the livestream volume isn’t muted.

3. What if I have trouble accessing the streams?

If you have any issues accessing the program on the HEDx website (as per the link provided above), you can try to view on Vimeo directly:

1. Vimeo direct:

4. How do I contact someone for tech support?

For urgent technical issues on the day, please email below and we will respond as soon as possible:

If we experience any technical issues at our end we will send an update via email to all registered viewers.

The event recording will be released online at a later date. If you wish to be notified when video content is available please get in touch:

5. How can I stay in touch?


Via the HEDx website:

6. What is HEDx Live?

HEDx Live events are state-based livestream experiences that bring into focus critical transformation topics for the higher education sector. The HEDx Live format utilises network quality production values, features opinions from the state’s leading Vice Chancellors and investigates Professor Marcia Devlin’s new book Beating the Odds: A practical guide to navigating sexism in Australian universities.

HEDx Live is a 60 minute virtual event hosted by HEDx founders Emeritus Professor Martin Betts & Karl Treacher (CEO of The Culture Institute) focussed on gender equity and inclusion in the higher education sector. Highlights include a short keynote presentation by Professor Marcia Devlin (CEO of the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership), Vice Chancellor and leader insights from a selection of universities and an investigative Q&A panel.

The HEDx Live events are positioned as disruptive catalysts for sector change. Stimulating new ideas, new ways of thinking and a path toward changing higher education for good, HEDx Live events engage the higher education sector on critical topics that matter.