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Kiki: is this a time of danger or opportunity?

This is a time when we least need our Vice Chancellors and Presidents to be formulaic and replaceable by AI. We do need to see boldness and distinction. I reflected on all of these matters together on the episode of the HEDx podcast you can access here with Andrea Burrows, Managing Director of OES UK and Professor Nick Jennings, Vice Chancellor and President of Loughborough University.

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Professor Nick Jennings

Professor Nick Jennings VC at Loughborough University joins Andrea Burrows UK MD of OES and I. We argue that we need more leaders that can practice the art of Kiki. It would be easy at the start of 2024 for leaders to be overcome by the sense of danger and to be blinded from seeing opportunity.  Is the all-staff email to start the year in your university a trigger from leadership that will spiral a fragile culture and mood downwards? What is most needed is a response that stirs an ethical and rational approach to seeking opportunities.

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Martin Betts

Martin Betts as co-founder of HEDx is the guest interviewed by Dr Ant Bagshaw on the 100th episode. The conversation covers the rationale of HEDx and its purpose of changing higher education for good as a response to the challenges of inequities in race, gender and class that pervade the sector. And it explores the new opportunities for transformation created by technological advances, demand changes, and new partnership opportunities that offer the potential for the HEDx purpose to be realised with an expansion of activities, partnerships and events to a global stage.

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