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Professor Marcia Devlin

Expert in education, equity and leadership, and author of Beating the Odds, Professor Marcia Devlin joins Martin and Karl to discuss her new book on sexism in Australian universities in the week it is launched. Marcia outlines the inequity as well as the financial, cultural and performance disadvantages that arise from a lack of diversity in leadership teams and how this can be changed by women, men and all leaders following different strategies.

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Dr David Kellerman

Leading learning technology innovator and Senior Lecturer in Engineering at UNSW in Sydney, Dr David Kellermann joins Martin and Karl to share his thoughts on the journey he believes all universities must take towards a new hybrid learning model of teaching.

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Matt Kuperholz

PwC’s Chief Data Scientist, Matt Kuperholz talks with Karl about the evolution of the industry and the role of data in shaping the future of higher education

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