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Partner Sentiment Analysis

In line with our strategy methodology, HEDx provides universities with insights into current and prospective partner perceptions and sentiment towards the higher education sector. This analysis delivers findings into how each university is perceived – against key competitor universities. It is based on published data that each university possesses relating to its performance through university rankings and Good University Guides.

Desk analysis is supplemented by our own Partner Sentiment Analysis, which is based on a set of attributes focused on how partners such as alumni, schools, donors, government, industry and community organisations view the perception of reputation, brand, value and ease of working with the university. Performance against each attribute very clearly indicates the reputation and partner sentiment health of the university, along with how to shift perceptions.

Strategies to facilitate this shift form a significant part of business optimisation and  transformation.

Partner Experience

University Culture

Responsiveness in Partnership

Brand and Reputation

Relevance and Flexibility

Quality of Expertise

Innovation & Development

Collaboration & Connectivity