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HEDx Book Launch

The New Leadership Agenda, by Martin Betts

When: Tuesday 21st February 2023, 5:00pm – 5:30pm AEST
Where: National Conference Centre, 31 Constitution Avenue, Canberra

Universities Australia, Martin Betts and HEDx, in partnership with OES, are delighted to extend an open invitation to The New Leadership Agenda’s book launch in Canberra as part of the 2023 UA Conference.

This event is open to:
All delegates to the UA conference that opens after the launch
All attendees at the leadership master classes preceding the launch
Any other registrant able to attend at Canberra

To secure you place, please complete the registration form and you will receive your event confirmation via email.

The book emerges at a critical time following the announcement of the terms of reference and panel for the Universities Accord as the biggest review of higher education in Australia since the Bradley Review. At a time like this, having a sense of the agenda facing the sector, arising from the views of most of its leaders, set in a global context, could not be more timely.

Event Series Sponsor
Event Panel

Emeritus Professor Martin Betts

Co-Founder, HEDx

Professor John Dewar

Chair of Universities Australia

Professor Carolyn Evans

VC & President of Griffith University

Karl Treacher

CEO, The Culture Institute of Australia

Sue Kokonis

Chief Academic Officer of OES

The New Leadership Agenda


The book is based on interviews with 50 global sector leaders including current or former leaders, staff, partners and students of 30 Australian universities.

It develops an agenda for university leadership and change arising from the systemic developments that had been building in the sector, amplified by the events of the pandemic.

Signed complimentary copies of the book will be available at the launch events for each contributor, as delegates to the conference, and copies for purchase will be made available for all others attending the launch and conference. The book launch will feature a panel session of prominent contributors to the book including the author, contributing Vice Chancellors and representatives of the EdTech sector.

In addition, HEDx will capture brief recordings from book contributors, and other delegates at the book launch and conference, of their views of the New Leadership Agenda priorities for 2023 in the light of the Universities Accord. These will be curated by HEDx as future podcast episodes, video briefings for 2023 Live Events and publications after the event.