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Podcast: HEDx Episode 27

Leading learning technology innovator Dr David Kellermann is a Senior Lecturer in Engineering at UNSW in Sydney. He joins Martin and Karl to share his thoughts on the journey he believes all universities must take towards a new hybrid learning model of teaching.

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 26

PwC’s Chief Data Scientist, Matt Kuperholz talks with Karl about the evolution of the industry and the role of data in shaping the future of higher education

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The student voice has spoken: and our response is…

The conversations about higher education were never more listened to, or diverse. But what do we hear, what sense do we make of it, and how do we respond?

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 25

In this episode of HEDx Brigid Heywood outlines her journey into the role of VC and CEO at Australia's oldest regional university in New England plucked from a planned retirement in Easter Island.

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 24

In this week's HEDx episode, Karl and Martin are joined by their first international guest in Professor Giselle Byrnes. Giselle is the Provost with responsibilities across research, commercialisation and teaching and learning at distance learning innovator Massey University in New Zealand.

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 23

This week on HEDx Karl and Martin speak with the leaders from one of Australia’s leading technology companies REA Group. They explore the relationship between REA Group and the higher education sector and what progressive organisations need from universities as the world moves on from COVID-19.

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 22

Helen Bartlett VC of University of Sunshine Coast joins the HEDx podcast to outline her new University strategy.

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 21

Jack Goodman Founder and Executive Chair of Studiosity joins the HEDx podcast in describing how his business, which began by partnering with public libraries to deliver online study help for high school students, has emerged as a dominant place for academic literacy support for students at close to 70% of australian universities.

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Imagine a university that...

Imagine a university taking advantage of this seismic disruption triggered by a global pandemic to not tweak, but completely transform, how it provides student experiences.

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 20

On this episode DVC Education at Wollongong Theo Farrell joins Karl and Martin on HEDx to describe AFR award winning staff engagement at his University that helped 99.9% of teaching to move online in a fortnight.

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 19

In this week's HEDx podcast, Karl and Martin are joined by Lloyd Lazaro of The Executive Chair. They explore how search consultants are seeing how leaders are selected and what it means for graduate recruitment.

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And the answer to the million dollar question is...

The current time is a curious mix of short-term, mid-pandemic adjustments that will be temporary, and long-term seismic shifts that will change the game forever. The million-dollar question is knowing which is which.

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 18

Geraldine Mackenzie VC of University of Southern Queensland joins Karl and Martin on HEDx to reflect on how her strategy, that was nearing completion when COVID hit, has been delayed, revised and is reorienting USQ to work even more closely with industry partners on translation, and even more closely with technology in transforming learning practices.

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Are $50k degrees finished? Opinion

Micro-credentials bring an ability to deliver smaller collections of rapidly changing and emerging new knowledge to a growing learning community, whose commitment to formal qualifications, as a sole education goal, is in decline. 

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Podcast: HEDx Episode 17

This episode sees Karl and Martin joined by Chris Eigeland the Chief Revenue Officer of GO1 an Edtech start up. The episode explores how new entrants are moving at warp speed to disrupt business models for lifelong learning as a route to democratising access to education and knowledge.

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Back to the Future: Opinion

The increase in tree and sea changes, the move to the regions, and the retro movement and growth of local communities, are all major drivers for universities right now. I hear an increasing number of vice chancellors talk about 2021 being a year of forging stronger links with their internal and external communities and giving greater credence to local context. 

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